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Design is an important aspect of our daily life, especially when it comes to Real Estate. Creating a living space that is inviting and inspiring can be as simple as a thorough cleaning, and decluttering to renovations that modernize living spaces. We have witnessed on many occasions, the transformations that are possible by changing a disorganized and cluttered area into an inviting and inspiring space to call home. In this process, it is common for a homeowner to announce "I wish we did this years ago" and "now I want to live here”. 

Are you thinking of listing?

How can I sell my home quickly and get the most value? What should be updated and what can be left alone? When looking to sell your home knowing what to do and how to do it can feel daunting. Ramage & Co will bring our design expert in from the beginning to help answer all those question. From the start you feel like you're working with a team of experts to help you achieve the most value for your home and the Sold Sticker on your sign. We can also help you find trades and maybe a storage unit to hold your precious keepsakes during the selling process.

Leigha Pidde

MLS listings show best with Leigha's expertise. When Ramage & Co. get a home listed for sale, she is our preparation expert. What is the best furniture arrangement for our space? What furniture should we move out? Should be change the tile in the bathroom? What about this paint? Leigha can help answer those questions and take your house to show home status. Leigha has true expert advice and the passion to get your home sold or to simply love your home again.

With a strong community spirit, sharp sense of style and an extensive interior design background, Leigha is here to help you find your perfect home, you may already be there!

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