Ramage & Co. Pauline Kolochuk

We are thrilled to have the talent and skills of Pauline Kolochuk as our Instagram Photographer. Pauline is the cover photographer for our local community magazine "Friends of the Hill" and is a part a big of the fabric of the neighbourhood we call home. Pauline has a skilled eye and strong spirit that seems to bring out the best in people, capturing moments and memories. Calgary Photos continues to be our "go-to" for premium Real Estate images, along with a heartfelt Instagram created by Pauline + Ramage & Co.


A picture is worth a thousand words. When I (Lucas) started in Real Estate the MLS allowed for 1 image per posting, we have come a long way since then and our collective appetite for images seems unending. I have always been an early adopter and I have had the awareness to lead, not follow in this industry. I have been recognized internationally as one of the pioneers of video marketing in Real Estate and continue to evolve with the times as our objective is to get as much awareness and interest in our listings as we possibly can.

— Lucas Ramage

Pauline Kolochuk

Love our images? We do too! Thanks to the talent of this lovely photographer. 

Pauline just happens to be one of the most delightful people we know. But she is also the most talented photographer. So being so active in the community it was only natural we would find a perfect fit here at Ramage & co. 

We found her first! But she also shares her talents if you need some great pictures (Just check out her insta!) and book a family shoot for your crew!

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We give very special attention to Instagram along with our other social media platforms. Particular to the Calgary Real Estate market of 2019 new methodology's need to be implemented as selling a home can often be a marathon. Social media allows us as Realtors to provide a more ongoing campaign for the properties that we have for sale. We have the ability to reveal a story in a more systematic fashion that drip feeds to our prospective Buyer audience.Additionally, we love documenting as much of our before and after Real Estate transformations as our clients allow, share images of design inspiration, show off our spectacular collection of homes and tell the visual story of our community, connections and collaborations

— Lucas Ramage